About Us

            Here at PrepsNation, our mission and goals are very simple. PrepsNation was founded to help make a difference in the lives of young men and young women that are pursuing their dreams of participating in athletics at the colligate level and beyond. The athletic recruiting process can be one of the best experiences that an athlete can associate in their sports career. Yet, at the same time, the recruiting process can become overwhelming and/or disappointing. To ensure that your student athlete is prepared for to embark what may be the first huge decision of their lives, you must be prepared. That’s where PrepsNation can help you!


            PrepsNation combines new age technology, experience with the athletics process, hard work and prior relationships in the recruiting industry to provide our clients the tools to properly prepare for the athletic recruiting process. There is so much more to the athletic recruiting process than just having a game film or participating in a combine. PrepsNation is here to assist you and your family during this extremely important time.


A message from our founder:


Dear Athletes, Coaches, Parents and Family,


            Athletic Recruiting has become a major factor in the lives of so many of our young men and women. For many student athletes, the athletic arena has become a path that can help provide, improve and establish a higher quality of life for the athlete and their possible future families. Attending college has never been more important than it is in today’s job market. Having been through this process as a student, a player, a coach and hopefully as parent in the future (I have 3 sons), I started PrepsNation to assist families through this entire process.


            PrepsNation is here to introduce your athletic information, academic information and film to colleges and universities all over the country. I urge you to make sure that you are not just waiting on college coaches to walk up to your door step. All too often, that is a knock that athletes never hear. By joining the PrepsNation family, you will be introducing your profile to coaches everywhere. At that point, you will be one step closer to taking your signing day photos.


            Finally, if you only take one bit of advice from me, please take this: Don’t let sports use you…You find a way to use sports.


Thank You,


Jamie Hancock