Recruiting 101


                Over the past decade, the face of athletic recruiting has changed dramatically.  Those changes have been set into motion by numerous factors.  Due to the mass amount of change in recruiting, there are unlimited amounts of information and services available to student athletes and their families.  It has become increasingly more difficult for players, families and coaches to sort through all of the information to decide what is actually useful and productive.


                In addition to the professional film, recruiting and consulting services provided by PrepsNation, our former athletes and coaches have taken the time to simply the recruiting process for you.  Having a great film and visibility is only part of the battle that you will face in the recruiting process.  Our experience with this process has led us to share some of the most frequent questions and obstacles that you may encounter. 


Thought Process:  “If a player is good enough, college coaches will find him/her.”         


Reality:  This is only true if you are one of the best players in the country or if you happen to be fortunate enough for a coach to happen upon you.  The vast majority of high school athletes need advanced exposure.  This statement is also used by some high school and club coaches.  DO NOT accept this as the answer to your child’s future. 


Thought Process: “My coach is doing my film and recruiting.  That’s all I need.”


Reality:  It is always great to have a coach that is helping in the process.  However, it is very difficult to expect our coaches to be responsible for the entire process to go along with coaching, teaching and personal duties as well.  Once they see how effective the PrepsNation process is for their student athletes, most coaches have been more than thrilled with the results.


Thought Process: “A college coach only wants to see my film if they already contacted me or had me at their camp.”


Reality:  Colleges and Universities want to see film on every quality player that is available to them.  Some players are found at on campus camps.  However, considering the number of programs across that country, the vast majority of players that sign each year are found outside of camps and coach contact.  Coaches are film junkies.  Make sure that you are seen by as many coaches as you possibly can reach.   


Thought Process: “I am getting letters from schools already.  I don’t need help.”


Reality:  Getting letters in the mail each day is great.  But, at the end of the day, that letter is more than likely one of hundreds that particular college or university sent out that day.  If a letter is not personally written, it may be one of thousands that were generated from their mailing list.  Outside of the periods where coach contact is limited, you should be getting personal contact via phone call, text, email and more from interested schools. 


Thought Process: “If I don’t sign with a D-I school, I must not be very good.”


Reality:  This statement could not be further from the truth.  Fact is: there are very few student athletes that are lucky enough to get the opportunity to sign with a Division I program.  However, the quality of education and athletic play provided by non-Division I programs is fantastic.  In many cases, student athletes find a better athletic and academic fit at Division II, Division III, NAIA and JUCO programs.


                The thought processes and obstacles above represent just a few of the hurdles that student athletes face in the recruiting process.  If you have questions that are not listed, please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your specific question.


                Also, be sure to visit our Eligibility Center.  No matter how good of a player that you have become or how great your film looks, you must take the steps to be academically cleared to participate in the intercollegiate activity that you have chosen.